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This is a list with tools and courses I have used in the past and had tremendous value for money. Some of these links will be affiliate links (because why not?) and others will be plain links.

I will also include my favorite influencers and other approved blogs and resources.

Let’s go!

My Blog Design

The blog’s theme along with the sidebar widgets, opt ins, etc are from a great company called Thrive Themes you can buy everything for a yearly price, or just buy the widgets or a theme you like. Their products are insanely user-friendly and I am very impressed.

Check them out.

Website Hosting

The website hosting I am using for small and medium traffic is Vidahost. If you are in the UK or targeting the UK, then definitely go with them. Use the coupon alexc for 10% off.

Although they are cheap, their support is great and have helped me a great deal in the past, even with the low plans. Very impressed.

For my sites with high traffic (100.000+ pageviews per month) I am using ServInt. They have great uptime, protection if you (or someone else) logs from an unusual IP and overall a great hosting provider.

I can’t suggest using any of the famous hosting providers, because 3 of them are under the same company and in the past when we were using one of them, we reached our traffic limit and they took our site down without any further notification. Totally unacceptable.

Domain Registrar

I can’t recommend enough Namecheap. Live chat, amazing customer service, fair prices, easy search. I love everything about this company.

I have tried another much more famous domain registrar and the experience has been a very bad one.


These are people that I have been following for quite some time and they give away so much valuable information that others would be charging a lot of $$ to sell it as courses. With chronological order from when I found each one:

Neil Patel

Most people already know him. Brilliant entrepreneur and marketer. Cofounder of KISSmetrics and Crazyegg among others. I truly enjoy his posts found on:

QuickSprout and KISSmetrics

Noah Kagan

Former Mint and Facebook employee, built Gambit and engaged in various other ventures and businesses. Likewise a brilliant entrepreneur and marketer.  I truly enjoy his posts found on OkDork (hasn’t been updated for some time, but still tremendous value) and the occassional webinars performed on SumoMe (which is also a great plugin by the way).

Justin Brooke

Justin is such a great guy and marketer, giving away tremendous value and being approachable, helping people who might ask him something out of the blue. Love his blog on IMscalable where he and his wife Chaunna occasionaly blog, as well as his personal Facebook profile, where he shares awesome everyday stuff.


Yeah, that’s copywriting with a K, as Neville Medhora would say. You might have seen him hanging out with Noah Kagan and doing awesome Kopy and videos. He has 2 blogs, both of which I enjoy, a personal one and a kopywriting one.

I have taken both his courses (kopywriting kourse and email autoresponder kourse) and the value for money was out of this planet. I have taken quite a few courses, nothing comes close to them, regarding the value for money. Quick and to the point.

I will be adding more resources moving forward, but I think these will do for now.